SushiRo is an extraordinary Oriental cuisine, based on fresh ingredients selected especially for You, specialising in sushi with a delivery to the customer. The keynote accompanying our chefs when preparing dishes is the willingness to satisfy each person using our services. Keeping that in mind they make sure that every element of this original dish is printed in your memory and moves you to the Land of the Rising Sun. Our dishes are intended for gourmets of Japanese cuisine from the city of Cracow as well as to all enthusiasts of unconventional flavours. We make sure that what remains on our customers' plates is only food for thought to try out other types of sushi. Because of this we came to meet your requirements also offering sushi catering at the same time so that everybody can enjoy this unique dish in circumstances favorable for them.

Let us not forget that sushi (pronounced "sushi") is not only a dish but also culture included in every smallest element, which only persons specialised in their craft can do. With this knowledge in mind, walking around the city of Cracow it is impossible not to be tempted for a moment of travel to another country, physically remaining in the same location by moving only with the world of the senses. Putting on the pedestal our customers' sophisticated taste we have created in our offer several types of this rarity - so that anybody can feel exceptional.

We would like to invite you!

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